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Secondary Air Systems Repair

A secondary air injection is a strategy that is used in motor vehicles emission systems in order to control the emissions. The secondary air injection system is a device that was initiated long ago and is still used to date. The principle of operation of the secondary air injection system is through the introduction of fresh gases from the environment to aid in the total burning of waste gases.

These systems operate differently depending on the type of injection strategy as well as where the fresh air enters the emission system. These modes of operation of the secondary air injection system have varied with type with the development of technology. In vehicle engines that use petrol, this system has been a proven mode of minimizing the release of toxic gases into the environment.

The secondary air injection system is able to run for a very long time before needing any maintenance. However, when the service intervals are exceeded, damage to the ignition system is done and bad operating conditions can lead to the clogging of valves. These systems will prove to be viable even when examined if they are well maintained and serviced.

There are ways to check the wellness of the secondary air injection system is by observing the idling speed and cold start behavior if a motor vehicle engine. In petrol engines a rich mixture is usually required for cold starting. A very high level of the petrol usually leads to the release of toxic gases from the motor vehicle during the cold start of the engine. The cold temperature on the system usually allows for the release of the toxic gases to the environment. It is important to have the system maintained and mended by a professional to avoid further complications.

Fresh air is usually injected into the release system of the vehicle so as to reduce the harmful emissions. The process usually result in the emission of carbon dioxide and water which have been neutralized. There is also an advantage in the raised heat in the exhaust gases.

The secondary air injection system is usually made up of an air pump and also some secondary air valves. The secondary air pump in this system is supposed to suck in the fresh air and force it into the exhaust gas stream. The secondary air valves are usually placed in between the air pressure device and the exhaust gas stream. This system has been proved to be a vital means of reducing the high levels of carbon dioxide concentration from car engines. This system has been very helpful in the reduction of the release of unwanted gases in the atmosphere.

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